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NA deputies discuss reforms to tax laws

15 November 2015

NA deputies stressed the need to revise the Laws on tax and import-export duties yesterday.

However, participants asked the NA's Law Compiling Committee to ensure a complete and synchronous legal framework for effective implementation.

Most deputies agreed that the revision of the law should go in hand with the improvement of the country's business climate.

They said the reform of the law needed to enhance tax administration and limit tax fraud in the value added tax (VAT) refund, and to improve administrative reform.

Deputy Pham Tat Thang asked the Compiling Committee to revise and supplement the draft law to be adapted with international commitments and ensure a synchronous and complete legal framework.

Thang noted that the committee needed to conduct careful assessment during the revision. The revision should depend on the reality of the country's economic development to conduct careful and harmonious solutions to encourage businesses, enhance the State management and avoid losses in the State budget.

During their discussion, many deputies did not agree with the abolishment of State-run enterprise's tax debts.

They said doing this would not help create a fair for business community in line with the market-oriented economy.
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