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Vietnam M&A Research Report 2011-2012 (Issue 2) released

17 September 2012
Indochine Counsel Press Release

Indochine Counsel is proud to be a contributor for the M&A regulatory section in Vietnam M&A Research Report 2011-2012 (Issue 2) as published by StoxPlus Corporation. The Report is released today.
Vietnam M&A activity has been active than ever in Vietnam. Total deal value for the 15-month period from Jan 2011 to March 2012 amounted to US$8.25bn with total 331 deals concluded.

This Report analyses the current distressed valuation of Vietnamese companies from both marco and micro economic perspectives. The high lending rates comparing to the actual corporate earning capability and the scarcity of capital due to overreliance on bank loans by Vietnamese companies are main causes for the current distressed valuation. Grasping this low valuation opportunity, many institutional investors and industry players have made acquisitions of Vietnamese companies, to expand their business in Vietnam.

Indochine Counsel is proud to share its insight from the legal perspective, to make Part 7 of the Report - M&A regulation roundups and procedural guidance. From the firm’s M&A practice, we have provided concise review of M&A regulations, and practical guidance and tips to assist foreign investors in getting their M&A deals through in Vietnam – from deal exploration, due diligence onto target company and assets, deal structuring, contractual arrangements, to deal approval, registration and completion.
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