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5 June 2017

The Government issued Decree No. 44/2017/ND-CP (Decree 44), dated April 14, 2017 on the rate of contribution to the Occupational Accident and Disease Insurance fund.

Question: What are the regulations on level of social insurance contributions by employers?

Answer: Under Decree 44, the level of monthly contribution by the employer to the Occupational Accident and Disease Insurance Fund, as provided for in Clause 3, Article 44 of the Law on Occupational Safety and Hygiene is reduced.

For employees (except maids) being:

+ Persons working under indefinite-term labor contracts, definite-term labor contracts and/or labor contracts for a seasonal or specific job that has a duration of from 3 full months to less than 12 months, including the labor contract signed between the employer and the legal representative of the person under 15 years old, in accordance with labor legislation;

+ Persons working under definite-term labor contracts with a term ranging from full 1 month to less than 3 months;

+ Cadres, civil servants, public employees;

+ National defense workers, police workers, other working persons in cipher organizations;

+ Officers, professional servicemen of the People’s Army; professional-level officers non-commissioned officers, the People’s Public Security Forces technically-qualified officers, non-commissioned officers; cipher officers salaried as servicemen;

+ Enterprise managers, executive managers of cooperatives enjoying salaries; and

+ Non-commissioned officers and soldiers of the People’s Army; the People’s Public Security Forces definite-term non-commissioned officers, men; army, security force, cipher practitioners enjoy living expenses.

Employers will pay monthly to the Occupational Accident and Disease Insurance fund in compulsory social insurance with 0.5% of the salary fund used as a basis for paying social insurance premiums for laborers.

For laborers working under labor definite-term contracts with a term of from full one month to under 3 months, the contribution to the Occupational Accident and Disease Insurance fund will comply with the above provisions as from January 1st 2018.

From January 1, 2020, the Government will base on the ability to balance the Occupational Accident and Disease Insurance fund to adjust the premium rate./.

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