Aug 12 2010
In this issue, you’ll find the feature article on the new Government Decree 71 liberalizing the mobilization of funds for residential development projects. We will revisit the securities laws with the two decrees, one supplementing Decree 14 guiding the Securities Law, and the other dealing with administrative penalties for violations in the securities market. Also notable in July are Decree
83 which improves the regulations for registration of secured transactions, and Decree 80 providing a new regime for foreign investment in the science and technology sectors. The last article addresses some IPR-related issues for new rules for trade names introduced under Decree 43 on business registration, which has been covered in our April issue.

Jul 12 2010
Congratulations on surviving another month. In the interim we've come up with a new batch of updates and advancements on the frontier and are particularly excited as we look forward to this year's legislative season. In this issue you'll see that the National Assembly and the Government have been hard at work taming the wilderness. They've beaten back the jungles and planted seeds of international standards on arbitration. They've sent out guides to break trails on legislative reform. And they've captured someitinerant flim-flam artists hawking snake oil in the backwaters. In Briefs, there's progress on ship arrests and movie making, but not so much progress on foreign ownership in realestate businesses. It's an action packed adventure waiting on the other side of this page. So gather round and pull up a stool. 

Jun 10 2010
For the last several months we have hit several developments related to banks, investment, and enterprise registration. This month we take a step back and look at the people who make it all happen, the employees. Perhaps because its spring, perhaps
because of May Day, perhaps because the Government decided to pass a parcel of legislation related to employment, but we’ve got two and a little bit articles related to employees and employment. First we highlight the much discussed decree that gives Government authority to deport foreigners illegally working in Vietnam. Then we look at increased fines and penalties
that affect employers. Then, and here’s the little bit of an article, we look at recent legislation governing construction contracts and tenders. There are some major changes in this decree, including the required provision of insurance for construction workers.
Finally, lest we be perceived as taking advantage of labor, we revisit Decree 01 on Private Share Placement and the issue of preemptive rights. It’s not quite an adventure, but almost. We hope you enjoy it. 

May 10 2010
The end of April finds us prepping for the annual IPBA Conference in Singapore, celebrating the 35th Anniversary of Vietnam’s reunification and otherwise occupied with all the important work that our client’s send our way. In other words, we’re busy, but not so busy as to skimp on our Client Alert. This month we look first at the new enterprise registration procedures. It’s the first of what will be many installmentsas the Government has planned several changes to the Enterprise and Securities laws. Then we look at a new creature in Vietnam, the private credit rating company. It hasn’t been seen outside captivity yet, but we’ll look at available information to get a better idea of how it might affect Vietnam’s financial ecosystem. 

Apr 13 2010
Welcome to the second issue of Indochine Counsel’s Client Alert. Things have started to calm down after the Tet holiday, business is slowly returning to normal, and investment prospects are looking up. (I debated ending that sentence with a question mark, but decided that yes, things are looking up.) Here at IC, we’re renewing our efforts toprovide clients with quality service, professionalism, expertise, and responsiveness. That’s one of the reasons we’re running this Client Alert, because our clients and friends need to keep up on the most recent developments to help themplan for the future. 

Mar 12 2010
Welcome to the first issue of what we hopewill become an institution in Vietnam’s legal community. You will notice that we are publishing this issue at Tet rather than in January like most firms do. Although this may put us slightly out of step with the
competition (never a bad thing) we feel itshows respect for the great traditions of Vietnam and the people we serve. In that same vein, Indochine Counsel’s monthly Client Alerts will issue based on the lunar calendar instead of the Gregorian calendar. We think this will be more confusing for us than for you, and we definitely think this will give us a chance to highlight news and developments that other law firms missed at the beginning of the month. For instance, in this issue we highlight the new criminal securities breaches, something that other business law firms skipped because it came as an amendment to the Criminal Code, not the Securities Law.


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