On 28 August 2008, the Government of Vietnam issued Decree No. 97/2008/ND-CP ("Decree 97") on management, provision and use of internet services, which replaced the former Decree No. 55/2001/ND-CP dated 23 August 2001. Some remarkable changes of Decree 97 in respect of the license required for providing internet services/ information on internet are as follows.
The current Pharmaceutical Law requires registration with the Drug Administration of Vietnam (DAV) before a drug can be distributed in the territory. There are three pertinent IP-related rights in the drug registration process: trademark, patent and data security.
On 10 February 2011 Vietnam Ministry of Finance issued Circular No. 18/2011/TT-BTC (Circular 18) amending Circular 130/2008/TT-BTC dated 26 December 2008 providing guideline for implementation of the Law on corporate income tax (CIT) and decree 124/2008/ND-CP dated 11 December 2008 implementing the CIT Law (Circular 130).
On 20 November 2012 the National Assembly passed Law No. 20/2012/QH13 amending and supplementing a number of articles of the Law on Lawyers No. 65/2006/QH11(the "Law"). The Law takes effect on 1 July 2013. By enacting the Law, the Government has increased the administrative burden for foreign law firms and other legal practicing organizations.
Food poisoning nearly happens every day throughout Vietnam, and there have been some serious cases with large numbers of poisoned persons. Per official statistics published by the Vietnam Food Safety Authority, for the period of 2010 to mid 2012 there were more than 371 food poisoning cases with 91 dead people recorded.
Law 36/2009/QH 12 dated June 29, 2009, amends and supplements a number of Articles of Law on Intellectual Property 2005 (Law on Intellectual Property) and provides some new amended regulations on establishment of industrial property rights, including, inter alia, regulations on rights to registration of a collective mark, certification mark in respect of the geographical name or other signs indicating the geographical origin of special products from Viet Nam, the first-to-file principle, time limits for examination of the applications for registration of IP objects.

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