Jul 15 2013
Since the issuance of the Law on Advertising 2012 there has been some controversy as to whether the advertising of food products now falls under the regulations of the Law on Advertising 2012 or remains under the regulations issued by the Ministry of Health (MOH). 
May 22 2013
Law 36/2009/QH 12 dated June 29, 2009, amends and supplements a number of Articles of Law on Intellectual Property 2005 (Law on Intellectual Property) and provides some new amended regulations on establishment of industrial property rights, including, inter alia, regulations on rights to registration of a collective mark, certification mark in respect of the geographical name or other signs indicating the geographical origin of special products from Viet Nam, the first-to-file principle, time limits for examination of the applications for registration of IP objects.
Apr 03 2013
The Government has recently launched various measures to strengthen weak credit institutions. One of these measures is a draft decree regulating how many shares foreign investors can purchase in Vietnamese credit institutions, listed and non-listed shareholding banks, financial companies and financial leasing companies (collectively VCIs). The new decree replaces Decree 69/2007/ND-CP.

Feb 07 2013
The forms in which an investor can contribute capital to an enterprise have evolved to include intangible assets such as intellectual property rights that are often of greater value than the tangible assets of an enterprise.

Dec 19 2012
The State has issued a number of policies and incentives to encourage the development of low-cost housing to meet the housing needs of the disadvantaged. Yet few public housing projects are underway and little inventory has been added to the low-cost housing market.
Nov 21 2012
Under Viet Nam's commitments when it acceded to the World Trade Organisation in 2007, foreign organisations must receive a right to set up a 100-per-cent foreign-owned securities company.

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