Tin Pháp lý
Feb 26 2009
At the meeting of National Assembly's Standing Committee yesterday, majority of the delegates agreed to amend and supplement Clause 126 Law on Housing. 
Feb 24 2009
Assets on computer games and everything related to the online community is out of the reach of Vietnamese laws, said a representative of the Economic Law Department under the Ministry of Justice at a workshop on online games in Vietnam.
Feb 24 2009
The prime minister has signed Decision No 30/2009/QD-TTg on supporting enterprises in trouble as well as the employees who lost jobs because of the economic depression. 
Feb 22 2009
Vietnam will cut its import tariff on gasoline and diesel to 20% effective Monday, from 25%, the government said Friday.
Feb 20 2009
The NA Economic Committee held a meeting in Hanoi on February 18 to collect opinions on the amendments and supplements to the article 126 of the draft Housing Law and article 121 of the Land Law. 
Feb 20 2009
The country's government has extended the storage limit of duty-free goods in Vietnam to up to a year 
Feb 20 2009
Since the Dung Quat Oil Refinery's products will not attract the 25% tariff payable on imported fuels, an equivalent amount of money will have to be transferred to the state budget, the government has ruled. 
Feb 18 2009
The prices of domestically manufactured cars will be reduced further if the import tariff on automobile spare parts is adjusted down. 
Feb 17 2009
One of the key factors that make for the quality of fiscal reports is auditing fee. Auditing firms sign a contract with the companies to audit their accounts for a fee. 
Feb 15 2009
The government has introduced several changes to the publication laws that tighten control over the import of foreign publications and the operations of foreign publishers in Vietnam. 
Feb 11 2009
The government has issued Decree No 10/2009/ND-CP concerning the punishment on administrative violations in the process of charting bankruptcy proceedings, which will be enforced from March 23, 2009. 
Feb 11 2009
The prime minister recently issued a regulation on guaranteeing enterprises to borrow loans from commercial banks. Accordingly, Vietnam Development Bank
Feb 09 2009
HA NOI - Implementation of the new Law on Personal Income Tax has been delayed until the end of May, with major tax provisions waived for certain classes of taxpayers, the Ministry of Finance announced late on Friday.
Feb 08 2009
New procedures for licensing foreign travel firms' representative offices will begin soon following a circular issued by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.
Feb 01 2009
On January 30, Ministry of Finance clarified that the state will not impose 10% VAT on overseas remittance and foreign currency import export, according to the Circular No 129/2008/TT-BTC
Jan 30 2009
HA NOI - A number of securities companies are finding strength in numbers during tough times on the stock market by seeking to join forces with other firms.

Jan 24 2009
Vice head of governmental Office Pham Van Phuong ordered that ministries of industry and trade, finance, Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI)
Jan 21 2009
State Bank of Vietnam is drafting a Circular on foreign currency management for foreign investment operations in Vietnam.
Jan 19 2009
The finance ministry is drafting a document proposing reduction of 10% in coal export tariff from the current 20% to 10% in order to offload high volume of stockpiled coal, reported Phan Van Truong--Head of Tax Policy Department under the finance ministry.
Jan 19 2009
Vice minister of Finance Do Hoang Anh Tuan has issued a document explaining some issues under PIT Law for local taxation agencies.

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