Tin Pháp lý
Oct 18 2009
The government has recently issued Decree No 84 about trading fuel and oil products. In details, if there is fluctuation that makes fuel cost price
Oct 15 2009
The government has submitted a proposal to the National Assembly's Standing Committee about amendments in preferential import-export tariff table applied for four groups of goods.
Oct 12 2009
All foreign ODA project consultants in Vietnam will be exempt from personal income tax from November 20
Sep 29 2009
With the purposes of improving the mineral mining effectiveness, avoiding the mineral wasting situation and raising the mineral export tax, mineral mining tax,
Sep 29 2009
From November 20, foreign specialists and their family members implementing ODA project will enjoy CIT exemption, protection right for legal assets 
Sep 24 2009
Ministry of Finance has announced that the agency will add Thailand to the list of countries enjoying tariff preferences according to Asean Japan Comprehensive Economic Partnership (AJCEP).
Sep 24 2009
Pursuant to the draft decree on managing labour, salary and commission of the companies whose majority stake is held by the state, the salary of these companies' leaders are disallowed to surpass 10 times of employees'.
Sep 24 2009
Vietnam plans to remove its rice export quota system and make it more market-based, a senior official has said. 
Sep 22 2009
The high tax of 35 percent imposed on Chinese tyres exported to the US has opened up an opportunity for Vietnam to ship tyres to the market. 
Sep 20 2009
While international auditing firms eye presence in Vietnam through admitting Vietnamese auditors to be members, a lot of domestic auditing companies also want to wear a "foreign coat". 
Sep 15 2009
Ministry of Finance has issued a guidance circular of prime minister's Decision No 96/2009/QD-TTg dated July 22, 2009 regulating the applying of VAT and CIT on trading and leasing houses for low income earners.
Sep 13 2009
Minister of Labour, Invalid and Social Affairs Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan has signed Official Letter No 3353/LDTBXH-VL to enhance the management of foreign workers in Vietnam.
Aug 31 2009
Halving VAT and registration fees for automobiles and components are likely to stop by the end of December because the state budget is facing difficulties, the finance ministry said.
Aug 30 2009
VietNamNet Bridge - The Vietnam Reproduction Rights Association (Vietro) has been established to curtail illegal book printing and distribution via photocopying and the Internet. 
Aug 26 2009
Amendments in Clause 126 of Law on Housing and Clause 121 of Law on Land will take effect from September 1, 2009, accordingly overseas Vietnamese (Viet Kieu) would then be allowed to buy houses with unlimited number in Vietnam. 
Jul 01 2009
Foreign banks have expressed deep concern about a provision on credit limits in the draft amendments to the law on credit organisations.
Jun 29 2009
Foreign investors will no longer suffer confusion over capital contributions and share purchases in Vietnamese enterprises. 
Jun 25 2009
All state wholly owned enterprises will shift to operate under Law on Business from July 1, 2009, which is one of important contents concerned in the prime minister's Instruction 
Jun 24 2009
Ministry of Finance has issued a guideline about extending the deadline for enterprises to pay value added tax on imported goods under the Decree No 85/2009/TT-BTC. 
Jun 24 2009
Ministry of Industry and Trade reported that to date, three Vietnamese firms have been licensed to franchise overseas, namely Duc Trieu Trading and Service Private Enterprise (T&T)

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