Core Principles
Expectation of Excellence

Our partners are experienced legal practitioners who have spent years providing legal advice and counsel to a wide variety of clients. They maintain a high quality of work and hold themselves to an expectation of excellence. As the founders and leaders of Indochine Counsel, they help their teams and the younger lawyers of the firm to strive towards that expectation. Every memo, every opinion, every contract review and every letter is subject to this expectation. Our clients are some of the greatest companies in the world and they deserve excellence in every aspect of their experience with Indochine Counsel.


Professionalism is hard to define. It can encompass so many aspects of performance that its definition is subject to the ideas of the definer. Indochine Counsel considers professionalism to be the performance of our brief in a manner that reflects quality, timeliness, respect and consistency. We work hard to maintain the highest levels of professionalism in all of our lawyers and in our work product. It is important enough to us that we hold it as one of our three core principles.

Ethical Lawyering

At Indochine Counsel we encourage our lawyers to not only fulfill their duties to their clients with zeal, but to maintain a highly ethical practice in all aspects of their work. From confidentiality to conflicts of interest to billing we strive to hold ourselves to a standard as high as any developed country.

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