Vietnam Mining Investment Guide

In recent years, the mining and mineral processing industry has played an important role in Vietnam’s industrialization and modernization process. But minerals are a finite resource. Vietnam understands that efficient mineral extraction is essential and will require advanced mining technologies available from developed countries to access increasingly difficult to reach mineral stores.

The Mining Law 2010 and its guiding regulations created a basic legal framework for mining activities in Vietnam. However, the guidelines regarding the opening of the market to foreign investors were not clear. Based on the most recent pieces of legislation, this Mining Investment Guide provides a panorama overview of the current regulations in the mining sector in Vietnam. The guide covers some crucial points for foreign investors wishing to develop mining projects, such as how to handle foreign investors in the project company, market access conditions for foreign investors in the mining sector, investment forms, and the applicable ownership restrictions. It also provides for licensing procedures to develop a mining project in Vietnam.

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Le Van Duong
Dang Dinh Truong

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