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The estimated revenue from e-commerce in Vietnam in 2021 was about US$13.7 billion, increasing 16% in comparison with 2020, and accounting for 6.5% of the country’s total revenue from retail industries. Much of the e-commerce market in Vietnam is now dominated by foreign invested or cross-border companies. This is seen in the fact that three of the four largest e-commerce trading floors in Vietnam are majority owned by foreign shareholders. In addition, the popular social networks such as Facebook or TikTok, are transitioning into e-commerce activities by permitting users to display commercial advertisements and to perform the purchase and sale of goods and services. E-commerce in Vietnam is predicted to increase to US$57 billion by the year 2025. E-commerce, then, is a vital aspect of the economy, and will only continue to become one of the largest contributors to the country’s GDP.

Despite the growing importance of e-commerce in Vietnam, and the current projects to implement legal reforms in the sector, much e-commerce activity is spread across different laws and decrees making it difficult to determine the specific requirements of the law. This legal guide will provide an overview of existing e-commerce regulations.

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Nguyen Thi Hong Anh

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