Intellectual property vital for firms: experts


World Intellectual Property Day is on April 26. — Photo
The Intellectual Property Office of Viet Nam has implemented measures to encourage research, innovation and application of creative achievements in science and technology into life and production in response to World Intellectual Property Day 2020 (April 26).

The office has supported several effective programmes and projects, such as the programme on intellectual property development, which has protected 118 key agricultural products of localities and supported 600 businesses in terms of intellectual property.

The programme has also supported the protection and application of invention practices for 51 technical solutions.

In addition, the network project for innovation and technology support centres has promoted intellectual property activities and technology transfer in universities and research institutes.

Nearly 60 research institutes and universities nationwide have registered to participate in the network.

Innovations and inventions have appeared in many industries, fields and localities. However, there are still some units, businesses and people who are not fully aware of sustainable development, so innovations mostly focus on economic growth without considering environmental factors.

The office said that start-up groups only focused on forming businesses and seeking investment but have not thought about registering intellectual property rights.

Data from the office showed that 80 per cent of start-ups do not understand the importance of intellectual property.

Vu Thi Thuan, chairman of the board of directors of Traphaco Joint Stock Company, said in the pharmaceutical field, there were many creative values ​​that needed to be protected.

However, the current understanding of intellectual property protection in Viet Nam was incomplete, leading to lots of intellectually property theft, she said.

To develop sustainably and integrate, businesses themselves must first respect intellectual property rights, she added.

Do Thien Hoang, a representative from the Intellectual Property office, said to solve this problem, it was necessary to complete the law on intellectual property for emerging objects and strengthening international co-operation.

For intellectual property rights management and enforcement agencies, it is necessary to improve the capacity of applying new technologies for management and processing, focusing on human resources training.

For businesses, there should be guidance on implementing intellectual property rights, raising awareness about intellectual property.

Many experts said that in the age of technology, inventors need to register intellectual propertyfor their products as quickly as possible.

The office and the authorities have been focusing on perfecting systems of intellectual property regulations.

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