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02 02 2023

In the early days of 2023, ChatGPT released by OpenAI is becoming popular all over the world. ChatGPT is a chatbot providing solutions to complex problems directly like composing essays, coding, and drafting business proposals. Within a few seconds after entering keywords, ChatGPT will provide text, images, audio, and other entertainment media in excellent quality.

12 29 2022

Driven by acceleration in digital transformation, technology is emerging as a high-potential industry for merger and acquisition transactions in Vietnam.

08 20 2022

A range of multinationals have already complied with Vietnam’s new foreign supplier tax portal – subsequently, these groups are now adjusting their tax policies, which may affect companies and individuals who generate income from digital platforms.

08 18 2022

As the startup ecosystem in Asia matures, companies need high-quality talent to accelerate growth, but find their limited funding is only adequate to scale up operations, leaving fewer resources to hire and retain workers. This makes feasible a benefit plan that gives employees the right to purchase the company’s shares at a predefined or discounted price, called the employee stock ownership plan (ESOP).

07 25 2022

Vietnam Tax Summit 2022, the largest annual tax summit in the country that took place last week, featured thought-provoking guest speakers, industry experts, and tax specialists.

07 11 2022

TheLEADER Making digital transformation towards a sustainable business model is inevitable to create disruptive changes for the companies themselves and values for the whole society as well.

04 28 2022
The National Wage Council’s proposal for a rise in monthly regional minimum wages has been frowned upon by business associations who are asking for more time before any change comes into effect.
04 21 2022

The Vietnamese corporate bond market is a young and growing market, but lacks control. Credit rating is one of the key steps to reducing risk and helping the market move towards proper development, according to experts.

04 15 2022

Two decrees on the extension of deadlines for payment of taxes and land rental fees will take effect immediately after the Government’s approval, according to Dang Ngoc Minh, Deputy Director of the Ministry of Finance (MoF)’s General Department of Taxation.

04 09 2022

The State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) has been developing a sandbox for fintech banking and gathering feedback on a draft regulating the sector.

02 26 2022

The Minister of Planning and Investment has issued a circular giving guidelines on the supervision and assessment of foreign investment activities in Viet Nam.

06 07 2021

Big data and AI are transforming the credit industry in Southeast Asia. This process is visible in Viet Nam where credit markets undergo rapid expansion. With some 60 million un(der)banked citizens short of credit history, digital credit scoring emerges as a magic tool to foster financial inclusion. This technology combines big data gleaned from smartphones and machine learning algorithms to assess borrowers’ creditworthiness. Despite its potential, this technology is being deployed in legal limbo. However, regulation is critical to foster fintech innovation while safeguarding the public interest.

05 19 2021

Experts have warned that a firm legal framework and strict punishment measures are needed to manage virtual financial investment platforms, which they say are now out of control.

05 18 2021

The rapid growth of overseas investment into Vietnam in recent years has led to an increase in demand for highly qualified workers. In addition, the emergence of many new industries while domestic human resources cannot meet demand in quality and quantity have opened up attractive opportunities for foreign workers.

05 15 2021

Foreign investors maintained their trust in Vietnam despite countless difficulties last year and the country is viewed as a safe destination for development, a recent forum in Hanoi heard.

05 11 2021

Vietnamese startups are still drawing in local investment capital as they emerge as the most sought-after targets for dealmakers.

05 11 2021

With Vietnam tightening quarantine rules for foreign arrivals amid the backdrop of increased coronavirus cases in the community, the shortage of foreign employees will continue to linger.

05 07 2021

The number of spam messages and calls have dropped since the Government issued new regulations, but there has been a slight spike of unwanted communications recently.

05 05 2021

As of April 20, Viet Nam attracted US$12.25 billion in foreign direct investment (FDI), equivalent to 99.3 per cent compared to the same period last year, according to the Ministry of Planning and Investment’s Foreign Investment Agency (FIA).

05 05 2021

Tax policies for the real estate sector must be carefully studied and introduced at the appropriate time to ensure feasibility and limit speculation, according to the Ministry of Finance.

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