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12 11 2019

With unexpectedly strong growth momentum in the third quarter likely to carry over into the fourth quarter and next year, the ADB adjusted its growth forecast for Vietnam from 6.8 to 6.9 per cent for 2019, and from 6.7 per cent to 6.8 per cent for 2020.

12 05 2019

After several hopeful years, new legal improvements on air carriages and airport enterprises will take effect from early next year. Tran Bao Ngoc, director of the Transport Department at the Ministry of Transport, talked to VIR’s Tung Anh about significant legal changes and the government’s future orientation in foreign investment attraction in this area.

12 05 2019

Varying comments continue to hit the draft amendments to the Law on Enterprises 2014 and the Law on Investment 2014, with further revisions cited for state holding in state-owned enterprises garnering heightened attention among investors.

12 05 2019

In light of the Cocobay Danang situation, in which contracts are not being honoured due to unrealistic expectations being placed on the condotel model, Mauro Gasparotti, director of Savills Hotels APAC, writes on his expectations of the condotel market in Vietnam, and what solutions could be found to ease the situation.

12 04 2019

New-generation Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) are expected to help Viet Nam become more competitive if the country reduces trading costs and improves its business environment, experts said on Tuesday at a conference in HCM City.

12 03 2019

The property market in Vietnam has received increased FDI inflows during the past years. VIR talked with Savills Vietnam managing director Neil MacGregor about his assessments of these FDI flows and expectations for the property market in the year ahead.

12 02 2019

A series of policies on administrative penalties for violations arising in the monetary and banking sector, sanctioning of administrative violations in the field of competition, driver training, driving tests and issuance of driving licenses for road motor vehicles shall come into effect since December 2019.

12 02 2019

Free trade agreements (FTAs) had created opportunities for food imports and foreign investment in the domestic food industry, according to experts.

11 28 2019

A consistent legal framework related to tax deductions, land allocations and credit programmes is needed to support small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), experts have urged.

11 28 2019

With fresh changes made by the National Assembly in the investment and enterprises laws, businesses are expected to benefit more from new improvements in the business climate.

11 28 2019

The real estate market in Vietnam has been one of the most exciting emerging markets in the Asia-Pacific region. VIR talked with Anthony Couse, chief executive officer, Asia-Pacific, JLL, about his assessment of the market, as well as prospects in the coming time during his recent visit to Ho Chi Minh City.

11 27 2019

Despite facing difficulties and challenges, the Vietnamese real estate market is developing stably, positively, and professionally.

11 23 2019

Professor Tran Chung, Chairman of the Viet Nam Association of Financial Investors, talks to Hai Quan newspaper about advantages the Law on Public Private Partnerships will offer investors.

11 18 2019

Along with amending and removing regulations, numerous sectors were added to receive incentives under the latest draft Law on Investment in order to ensure that the new capital inflows match the new-generation FDI strategy.

11 15 2019

After more than 30 years of adopting an open investment policy, Vietnam has become one of the most successful countries in the region in garnering overseas funding. Brian Spence, co-founder of investment consultancy S&P Investments, explains why foreign capital is increasingly attracted to Vietnam’s burgeoning charms, taking in the key drivers for the country’s meteoric ascent as well as some of the sectors that canny investors should keep an eye on.

11 04 2019

Many foreign businesses have recently visited Viet Nam with the desire to invest or expand their investments in the country, according to the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

11 02 2019

Building the correct legal framework is one of the major challenges holding back start-up businesses and now the government is looking at easing red-tape and giving an easier ride to both young companies and the private sector.

11 01 2019

New regulations on insurance business, sexual abuse prevention, and plant protection drugs among others will take effect in November.

10 31 2019

If there is any change to contents relating to loans referred to in the confirmation of foreign loan registration given by the State Bank, the borrower shall be responsible for making registration for changes of his foreign loan with the State Bank.

10 29 2019

Business confidence in the legal system remained low because local governments had made slow progress with regulatory reforms, Dau Anh Tuan, head of the legal department at the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI), said on Monday.

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