Legal News
09 18 2018

The new competition law will create a legal framework to better manage economic concentration, experts say.

09 17 2018

A draft regulation that would require banks to provide details of customers’ accounts to tax authorities has been causing controversy.

09 13 2018

Asia has strong fundamentals for long-term growth despite trade tensions, dollar strengthening and demographic challenges casting a shadow on the outlook for strong global growth.

09 13 2018

The Association of the Southeast Asia Nations (ASEAN) will have to improve internal trade to reduce dependence on outside partners and boost the region’s economic growth, according to PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) senior officials.

09 10 2018

If the shareholders of Hoang Anh Gia Lai Agricultural JSC (HAGL Agrico), a subsidiary of conglomerate Hoang Anh Gia Lai Group (HAGL), approve the plan to sell 87.4 million shares in a private placement, will Truong Hai Auto Corporation (THACO) pounce to increase its holding in the firm? 

09 08 2018

Viet Nam will become an attractive destination for real estate investment and business because of the high demand for housing, industrial park infrastructure, shopping malls, and tourism property.

09 06 2018

Mergers and acquisitions transactions in the Vietnamese packaging industry continues strongly, with local companies becoming potential targets for foreign investors.

09 06 2018

As more foreign investors buy and sell Vietnam-based assets to and from each other, the tax issue is becoming more pressing for both deal participants and Vietnamese regulators. Disagreements remain over who will pay the tax and what rates they are subjected to.

09 06 2018

Along with the strong development and deep international integration of Vietnam over the last decades, the Vietnamese real estate market has made significant progress towards transparency and sustainability to attract more investors.

09 06 2018

Peer to peer, or P2P, lending has been developing rapidly around the world in recent years with the establishment of many online lending companies, experts have said.

09 05 2018

Investors in solar energy projects are racing to begin operations before June 30, 2019, to qualify for incentives offered by the Government.

09 04 2018

Policies on support regimes for the Vietnamese with meritorious services, sending and receipt of e-documents between agencies in the state administrative and standards for general education school Principals will come into effect since September 2018. 

08 31 2018

Major casino development in Vietnam has been on a slow and rocky path, but the country has recently permitted integrated resorts to feature casinos and open for local guests, with business conditions expected to loosen even further in the near future. However, developers still have a lot of work ahead of them.

08 30 2018

Vietnam’s great potential in IT and wide-scale smartphone coverage will be the keys for the country to develop its digital economy and seize great opportunities in Industry 4.0. Nguyen Dat reports.

08 29 2018

With its high economic growth rate and population of over 90 million, Viet Nam is becoming an increasingly attractive destination for international franchising businesses, especially in the food and beverages sector.

08 25 2018

Foreign investors have shown considerable interest in developing wind power in Viet Nam.

08 24 2018

Experts have agreed with the Government’s plan to restrict or even stop licensing wholly foreign-owned banks in Viet Nam, saying it was necessary to help increase the stability of the domestic banking system.

08 23 2018

Foreign direct investment has been coming to Vietnam for 30 years now, with a total of more than $318 billion pouring into the country by the end of last year. This included more than $53 billion in the real estate sector. CEO of Indochina Capital Peter Ryder, one of the leading real estate advisories, investors, and developers which has roughly 20 years of experience and an astounding track record in Vietnam, shared with Ngoc Bich his views on market developments and expectations.

08 20 2018

The Ministry of Finance’s proposal to cut a number of investment conditions on segments like casino, lottery, and betting, if approved, will stimulate investors implementing registered projects.

08 15 2018

The Ministry of Finance proposed to cut 51.4 per cent of the total number of business investment conditions under the ministry’s management.

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