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09 11 2020

Vietnam ranks second out of 50 economies in the mergers and acquisitions environment attractiveness index released by market research firm Euromonitor.

09 09 2020

Recent decisions to impose stricter management on condotels and officetels are pushing developers and investors into a miserable situation, as the whole real estate market reels from the pandemic impacts.

09 09 2020

Viet Nam needed to improve its infrastructure in order to attract more FDI, a webinar heard on Monday.

09 09 2020

Vietnam's M&A activities are expected to grow at a speed only second to the United States with hot sectors including construction, distribution networks, manufacturing and public infrastructure, according to the latest Euromonitor M&A Investment Index.

09 08 2020

The Vietnamese stock market is receiving growing attention from foreign investors anticipating new policies to bolster capital disbursement.

09 07 2020

Foreign exchange trading has seen massive growth in the past few months as people confined to their homes with more time on their hands look for new avenues of investment.

09 05 2020

More tech could be coming to Viet Nam soon as foreign enterprises demonstrate an appreciation for the country's attractive investment environment.

09 04 2020

Amid concerns over minimum investment capital requirements among domestic and international investors, to-be-issued guiding decrees will affect the subdivision of investment fields to increase the bankability of public-private partnership projects from early next year.

09 03 2020

The State Securities Commission’s draft circular to replace an older one on the guidelines for securities trading is in line with modern trends, perfecting financial products and their diversities, adjusting trading time to suit the needs of domestic and foreign investors, said an expert.

09 01 2020

Foreign direct investment (FDI) has been a major driving force behind Viet Nam's national development, Minister of Planning and Investment Nguyen Chi Dung said recently.

08 28 2020

The country lured US$19.54 billion in foreign direct investment (FDI) in January – August period, down 14 per cent year-on-year, a report by the Foreign Investment Agency (FIA) under the Ministry of Planning and Investment has shown.

08 28 2020

The EU-Việt Nam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA) came into effect on August 1, becoming the most comprehensive trade agreement the European Union (EU) has concluded with a developing country in Asia.

08 28 2020

Viet Nam attracted a total foreign direct investment (FDI) of US$19.54 billion by August 20, equaling 86.3 per cent compared to the same period last year.

08 27 2020

The Ministry of Planning and Investment is now completing legal documents guiding the implementation of the commitments on public procurement in the EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA), which took effect this month, before submitting them to the government for approval.

08 26 2020

This fifth event, “Breakthrough to Recovery and Green Development for a Peaceful Life”, aims to put forward measures promoting sustainable energy development, ensuring energy security, removing barriers, and bolstering green economy recovery and growth.

08 25 2020

Instead of following a general recipe to attract foreign capital, enterprises and localities are advised to address more essential demands for social and industrial infrastructure and diversify their labour force to live up to the expectations of large-scale groups.

08 25 2020

The Ministry of Finance has proposed amendments to the decree about casino businesses to create favourable conditions for investors.

08 22 2020

The State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) has approved the official licence for intermediary payment service provider 9Pay.

08 22 2020

Nguyen Hoai Thu’s attempts to get her baby to sleep at 9pm were going well, until she got a call from someone asking her to buy a house.

08 14 2020

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