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03 08 2021

Private enterprises do not need money but institutional support to enjoy a stable and safe business environment, bringing them equality and respect.

03 03 2021

To support businesses to recover operations soon, numerous policies related to deferring tax and land rent payments are to be put in place, while a reduction in corporate income tax is being considered.

02 28 2021

The long process of project approval from competent government agencies and the serious impact of COVID-19 have helped mergers and acquisitions in real estate sector become more active.

02 25 2021

The Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI) has summited to the Government a draft decree on amending Decree 95/2020/ND-CP providing guidelines on procurement bidding under the Comprehensive and Progressive Trans-pacific Partnership Agreement (CPTTP).

02 20 2021

The Ministry of Finance has just proposed extending the deadline for tax payment and land rent to assist businesses in overcoming the COVID-19 pandemic.

02 15 2021

Throughout more than three decades of economic reform, Vietnamese companies from many sectors have been venturing abroad and become role models. Yet, the logistics sector remains too focused on the domestic market. Tran Thanh Hai, deputy director of the Ministry of Industry and Trade’s Agency of Foreign Trade, emphasised that local players should follow regional examples and take their business to international arena.

02 12 2021

In 2020, Vietnam’s residential real estate prices continued rising, despite the major hit to the economy from COVID-19, and the country’s industrial real estate sector boomed, prompted by US-China trade tensions.

02 05 2021

Restructuring can assist an organisation in identifying the key issues challenging liquidity and operational efficiency whilst presenting possible solutions. From this point, it is then possible to begin with the implementation of a new structure.

02 03 2021

A series of new regulations on working conditions for female laborers, organization and operation of local development investment funds and foreign workers in Viet Nam will come into force since February 2021. 

01 28 2021

Viet Nam remains an attractive destination for foreign investment, including from Thailand, because it is a large and growing market, Tanee Sangrat, Director General of the Department of Information and Spokesman of the Foreign Ministry of Thailand, has said.

01 28 2021

The Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI) has warned about the increasing use of foreign peer-to-peer (P2P) lending in Viet Nam with potential risks of black credit.

01 21 2021

While the laws on investment, enterprises, and funding under the public-private partnership model are appreciated by local and foreign stakeholders, they also await additional guiding documents to manoeuvre their projects effectively and safely through the legal landscape.

12 28 2020

Earlier this month the Government’s amendment of tax regulations for ride-hailing services, which increases the tax they actually pay, was a topic of hot debate in the media.

12 25 2020

The Ministry of Planning and Investment has proposed special policies for large State-owned enterprises (SOEs) to make them spearheads in key industries of the economy.

12 24 2020

Viet Nam has become the fastest growing national brand in Brand Finance’s ranking this year, with its brand value skyrocketing by 29 per cent to US$319 billion.

12 22 2020

Viet Nam aims to be an attractive destination for investment in low-emission energy, given the country’s huge power demand for development coupled with the national strategy of sustainable energy development with the priority on renewable energy.

12 21 2020

The new Law on Investment 2020 and Law on Enterprises 2020 are expected to ease some of the prolonged difficulties of businesses in Vietnam.

12 17 2020

HCM City authorities have issued guidelines to speed up the issuance of land use and home ownership certificates to buyers to prevent disputes with housing developers.

12 16 2020

Deputy Minister of Information and Communications Nguyen Huy Dung urged enterprises to speed up digital transformation as it is essential for business growth.

12 15 2020

Complicated laws relating to production and business activities require enterprises to study basic provisions of the laws, especially rights and obligations in contract transactions, according to Nguyen Thanh Tu, head of the Ministry of Justice’s Department of Civil and Economic Laws.

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